Dough Enhancer - 2 oz

The Authentic Foods Dough Enhancer is your solution to baking gluten free breads that taste and feel just like breads containing gluten. The dough enhancer improves the rise, texture and shelf life of all whole grain baked products. Just use ¼ teaspoon dough enhancer per 2 cups of flour. This product will improve the rise, texture, and shelf life of whole grain breads. Natural ingredients include, lecithin, ascorbic acid and ginger. Lecithin improves aeration, improves tenderness, and provides resistance to staling. Ascorbic acid and ginger acts as yeast activators allowing a maximum yeast yield. 

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Lecithin, Ascorbic Acid, Tapioca Flour, Ginger Root.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size (1g),Servings Per Container 56
Amount Per Serving: Calories 5,Calories from Fat 5,Total Fat 1g(2% DV),Saturated Fat 0g(0% DV),Trans Fat 0g,Cholesterol 0mg(0% DV),Sodium 0mg(0% DV),Total Carbohydrate 0g(0% DV),Dietary Fiber 0g(0% DV),Sugars 0g,Protein 0g,Vitamin A (0% DV),Vitamin C (160% DV),Calcium (0% DV),Iron (0% DV)

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