Pure Coconut Cream, 1 Liter

100% pure coconut cream in a carton, not in a can! This cream comes from Aroy-D (meaning 'delicious' in Thai) of Thailand. Aroy-D's Coconut Cream consists of the solid part of the first-press of the coconut meat. 100% coconut cream with no additives or preservatives. Ideal for baking, cooking, and preparing with raw food dishes.

  • Aroy-D 100%, Pure Coconut Cream (1L / 33oz carton)
  • Perfect non-dairy substitute for cream!
  • Whips to make a delicious "whipped cream" 
  • No sugar or carrageenan - Nothing added
  • Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan
Ingredients: Coconut Cream

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