Blue Lotus Golden Masala Chai - Bulk 1 Lb Bag (530 Cups)

Each 1 Lb bulk bag of Blue Lotus Golden Masala Chai makes 530 8oz cups of tea. Complex, innovative & delicious, this limited release blend features superfoods Turmeric and Maca. A beautifully balanced taste profile that supports the body & mind. This instant powder requires no steeping and no clean up time! The ingredients include only dehydrated true brewed Indian black tea and a blend of finely ground spices. The resulting powder is completely soluble in hot liquid. Stir into hot water/milk. Blue Lotus Chai is a pure, clean product, free of sweeteners, milk powder, artificial flavorings and colorings and other undesirable fillers and additives. Use whatever type of milk or sweetener you wish, adjusting amounts to suit your own personal taste. We love its versatility! Spicy or mild? Experiment…have it your way!

  • Golden Chai is the Newest Flavor from Blue Lotus Chai! Featuring Superfoods Tumeric & Maca
  • No sweeteners, fillers, additives, milk powder or hydrogenated oils
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • Great value -  servings per tin! With bamboo serving scoop included
  • Made with Organic Spices

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