Eleni's Kitchen Ethiopian Turmeric Sauce

Eleni's Kitchen Turmeric Sauce, also known as Alicha Kulet in Ethiopia – is a sauce made of onions, organic extra-virgin olive oil, organic turmeric, garlic and ginger. Traditionally, Turmeric Sauce is used as a base for making mild stews (lentils, split peas and meat), and veggies dishes – Just Mix the Turmeric Sauce with lentils, meat or veggies, and some water; cook until the lentils veggies or meat are done; and add salt to taste. The Turmeric Sauce can also be a great addition to your soup, slow cooker or veggie stir-fry recipes.

  • 13 oz. Jar
  • Gluten Free & Vegan
  • Made by hand from all natural ingredients 
  • From Portland Oregon

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