Holy Kakow Raw Organic Cacoa Powder - 14 oz

14oz. Bag. Single origin Organic Raw Cacao Powder from Ecuador is produced from the finest Arriba Nacional varietal, exclusive to the region. Certified organic, raw, low fermentation, non-fumigated and purchased at better than fair trade prices. A sophisticated production process protects the nutrients and trace elements making sure you receive the superfood your body deserves. This powder is an unparalleled source of antioxidants and a good source for potassium, magnesium, epichatechin, essential minerals and naturally occurring enzymes that are damaged or destroyed by conventional processing. Add this delicious powder to both savory and sweet recipes that call for cacao (cocoa). This raw organic powder has a heavy texture due to the fat content with a dominant jasmine note and nutty after-tones. This light brown cacao is not bitter like most other raw cocoas.

  • 100% Organic
  • Raw Food
  • Single Origin
  • Better than Fair Trade
  • Non-alkalized
  • 20-23% Cocoa butter
  • Highest Puristy, High Nutritional Value, Minimal Processing
  • Source of natural mood-boosters

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