Kimino Japanese Sparkling Water - Ume

Kimino Ume Sparkling Water contains the juice from three hand picked Ume from Wakayama prefecture and the water from the Western Japanese mountains. Non-sweet.

  • Made with Japanese Spring Water
  • Case of 30 - 8.45 Oz cans 
  • Unsweetened Sodas 
  • No added sweetener, just a dash of real fruit juice for flavor
  • Ume (Japanese Plum) Flavor

Collective Farming
We are a small farm collective in Japan, growing fruit and vegetables throughout the countryside. Our mission is to help preserve traditional Japanese farming and support the authentic methods. Farms have been disappearing in Japan as birth rates are declining and people are migrating to cities. We are proud to own our own farms and work the fields together with our partners.

Minimalist Approach
We have created our drinks following the Kanso philosophy: A minimalist way of removing the unnecessary. Our sparkling juices & waters are made only with the least necessary ingredients and without any unnatural additives.

    Category: Beverages, Portable Food

    Type: GROCERY

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