Oregon Kombucha Starter Kit - Black Tea Case

It is fun and easy to brew delicious kombucha at home with an Oregon Kombucha Starter Kit. Oregon Kombucha brews thousands of gallons of Kombucha in their factory and it all starts with 4 simple ingredients (Water, Sugar, Kombucha Culture, and Tea).

The ingredients in these kits are the exact same organic ingredients, in the same proportions, as they use in the factory. Kombucha requires 4 simple ingredients: 1) the right tea 2) boiling water to brew the tea 3) organic sugar 4) live kombucha culture. The Starter Kit includes organic tea, and live culture. You add one cup of sugar and boiling water. Each kit makes one gallon of kombucha, and includes a complete brewing guide. Try this living, refreshing beverage and feel the benefits that millions of people around the world have enjoyed for over two thousand years.

  • Organic, Gluten Free, Raw, Paleo 
  • Makes a great gift
  • Case of 12 Kits

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