Organic Raw Kelp Granules - 1 lb

Digitata Kelp (Laminaria Digitata)OCIA Certified Organic and a Raw Food Digitata is a variety of kelp that grows prolifically in the sub-tidal waters of the North Atlantic. Digitata Kelp is also known as "Fingered Kelp", as the blades resemble digits radiating from the palm (hence, the Latin name digitata.) Although similar in nutritional content to our regular Kelp "Kombu" (L. longicruris,) Digitata Kelp tends to contain higher amounts of iodine, calcium and mannitol — a natural sugar molecule that gives Digitata Kelp a slight sweetness. Shake the granules on salads or add to soups or other recipes! They are a great alternative to salt.

  • Organic Raw Food
  • Pure Sea Vegetable - Nothing Added
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals!!
  • Shake onto food for flavor, a thyroid-friendly salt substitute

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