Pure Potato Flour - 50 lb

Pure Potato Flour is made from premium Idaho potatoes. Each potato is inspected for superior quality, washed, cooked, mashed, dried and packaged in this air-tight bag. The potato flour is versatile. Use it as a thickener, baking ingredient,binder, breading and an extender. As a thickener, the flour will add creaminess to frozen desserts and body to broths, stews and gravies. To use potato flour as a baking ingredient, mix it with other flours to add moisture and extend the shelf life of your baked goods. For a breading, the flour will provide a golden crunchy crust either alone or mixed with cornmeal or crushed cornflakes. Potato Flour is great as an extender and a binder because it holds in the moisture along with the fat. Just add a little potato flour to hamburgers, fish patties or vegetable patties and get more servings with the extra benefit of serving them up juicy.

  • Made from pure Idaho Potatoes
  • Bulk 50 pound bag
  • Use as thickener, baking ingredient, binder, breading or extender

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